Track your Lost Cell Phone

By | September 30th, 2009

First response of many users, when they lose their cell phone, is to disable/block it by giving IMEI code to the regulatory authority of the state so the thief cannot use it either. But trust me that’s the last thing you want to do with your cell phone, try finding it first.

track cellphone Track your Lost Cell Phone

Many of my friends lost their cell phones and found it later. Government and secret agencies can always track the cell phone easily but they won’t allow this service for general public. However if you can pull some strings, do it; just give IMEI code of your cell phone to someone in telephone department and get it traced.

1. Find IMEI of your cell phone:

The only thing you need to know about your cell is the IMEI code. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity and is unique for every cell phone. It is used to identify a device/cell phone and therefore trace it down or stop it from using network service.

To find the IMEI code of your cell phone type *#06# and press enter/dial. The screen will show a 15 digit IMEI code.

2. Track the Stolen/Lost cell phone:

Now there are several ways of doing this, but you need to be clever. First and easiest way to contact the Telecom Regulatory authority of your country thought their website by writing a fairly sad but clever email. You can always say that there is highly confidential data within the cell phone that in wrong hands can cause a lot of damage. Another way is to pull some strings, i.e. if you have some relative or acquaintance in the telecom department he/she can do that for you.

However there’s been some information on the web that Chennai Police department is kind enough to help you by tracking the location of the cell phone. All you need to do is email them the following information at this email address:

Your name:
Cell Phone Make and model:
Last used No.:
E-mail for communication:
Missed date:
IMEI Number:

Now I’m not sure whether this works for all of the users or for India only as there’s no such restrictions mentioned in sources. But I think it’s for India only as a Police department can ask to track the phones from their own telecom department but not from other countries. So good news for Indian cell phone users. 😛

3. Disable the Stolen/Lost cell phone:

This is what I call the last option and a revenge, don’t let the one who stole you cell phone use it. Just email the authority or contact your service provider and tell them IMEI code. They will guide you from their and disable that cell phone from using any operator service in the whole country.

Note: If you’ve already lost the cell phone and don’t know the IMEI code, it’s also written on the box in which the cell phone came.

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