Top iPad Mini Cases and Screen protectors

By | November 5th, 2012

Now that we know that built quality on these new Apple products aren’t really that great, you must be looking for accessories to cover up your gadget with as soon as it reaches you. Since it is now available in stores to buy, the iPad mini accessories have started to flow in and we have lined up a few accessories we think would suite your device ranging from folio cases to the screen protectors. So, if you are ready to pamper the iPad mini, you can consider one of following products:

X-Doria Cases for iPad mini

Usually it takes a couple of days for accessories to appear for any new gadget, but in the case of iPad mini, the cases appeared before the gadget itself. The first of them is the X-Doria, a company renowned for producing colorful accessories for iPhone and iPod’s are now manufacturing the cases for ipad mini as well.

Introducing wide range of products, the X-Doria cases will fit your needs perfectly. They have announced several very artistic Folia cases and one “cool” pouch that can be used as a holder as well. Ranging from $20 – $40, there are around 5 cases in the repository and all are offered in different color options. As far as recommendation goes, the manufacturers are completely trustworthy and will deliver the remium product.

Price Range: $20 – $40

Where to buy: X-Doria

Zagg Mini Keyboard Case

That is right, the keyboard cases are available as well. ZAGG, known for their keyboard utilities and producing covers, cases and protectors for several products have pulled up keyboard case which will come in either 7” or 9” width and will both cost $90.

Available starting November 2nd, the cases seems perfect for those who rely on their iPad for texting and writing content while providing protection to the device.

Price Range: $90

Where to buy: Zagg

Otterbox Cases

Otterbox by far had been my favorite of the lot. Producing the extra tough exterior cases; otterbox has managed to build up a reputation for itself. The cases are made in striking colors and high grade material, and they are not limited to iDevices only, Otterbox is available for all reputable brands.

Since we are talking about iPad mini, the case for it is a good one. Featuring a screen stand, the case will protect the screen when travelling. A thing membrane covers the screen when you install the case on the iPad, protecting it from minor scratches. The case is offered in 3 colors and will start shipping November 5th.

Price Range: $70

Where to buy: Otterbox

InvisiShield for iPad mini

Last but not least, the screen protection. Although iPad’s screen is protected with scratch resistant olephobic screen, it is always reassuring that you went the extra mile to protect your device from getting scratched up. For my devices, I have always relied on invisishield since they provide full body protection and quite honestly they were the most durable among the ones I tried.

Available in different quality standards and options, the military grade protectors will last you a long time. ZAGG has started shipping the shields and they could reach your doorsteps in 7 days.

Price Range: $52

Where to buy: ZAGG