Top 5 SSDs For Money In 2013

By | September 4th, 2013

With the blemishing market of mechanical Hard Drives, SSDs have literally wiggled the industry of storage devices since their advent. But there are amassed number of yardsticks to weigh an SSD to avoid the bad buying decision that might haunt you later. Promptness, RPM, Read/Write rate, speed, there are plethora of factors with a part and parcel minute details to look for before going to lax your pocket. The most important of everything you will inquest is certainly the best value for your price. In this article, We will wire you about best 5 SSDs that can bang your bucks for the best. Let’s start with the newfangled Samsung’s masterpiece, we didn’t waffle even a bit to rank it first.

5. Samsung EVO 840

Having a fully in-house developed morphology, the new Samsung Evo enumerates the best capabilities you can dream for just £140.   Packing best and state of  the art Turbo level Cache, Samsung’s Evo 840 of size 250 GB augments the performance with a 256GB of 22nm NAND with a proprietary three-core ARM Cortex-based MDX controller. The second level cache used in the husky Samsung’s boon is called the TurboWhite cache along with 551 MB/s rate. However, it’s a tough call to go either for Sandisk Ultra Plus or Cache free version. Just to make things  simpler for you, for achieving the consistency, you must go for cache free version. The failure rate is already 0.005% which is the lowest among its competitors so you must veto any anguish as far as Samsung evo is concerned. 

4. Plextor M5 Pro

Next on our slate is the M5 Pro 256GB which will make a wobbly of £165. Though it has been ranked on the fourth position in the AS-SSD total score benchmark test, but this piece of gear is perfect for the real time data storage and streaming environments. Devices related to such complex paradigms don’t come easy, do they? With a trumpet of blistering performance of 437/MBps speed, it has  Real World Speed Index of 524 which is more than enough to tackle the consumer level workloads. Plextor has slashed the  prices by 40% and this makes this SSD a perfect bang for your buck.

3. ADATA S510 60GB 2.5″ SATA III SSD

Third on our screed is the famous yet frugal, ADATA S510 60GB 2.5″ SATA III SSD costing only $70. Entry level gear by ADATA is best for students, home usage because with only 60GB, you can’t hang out in the enterprises, but its just for $70, the real peculiar factor that forced us to grade it in our best SSD catalog.It also has a 2.5″ to 3.5″ bracket adapter. Don’t forget to put on ice, the warranty of 3 years while buying. ADATA cheap gob is best for hosting extra data or if you are looking to upgrade your grizzled PC storage.

2. SanDisk Ultra Plus

We have ranked SanDisk Ultra Plus on fourth  and yes we have our reasons for that. With more amendments, the skyrocket version uses the 256GB drive having a Marvell 9175 which, an upgraded version of the chip used in the Crucial M4. SanDisk has culminated the usage of high-end controller which has tweaked the performance of the SSD. Benchmark results are not much whammy but what else do you want in £130. The SSD depicted 502MB/sec and 447MB/sec in AS SSD’s sequential read and write tests. The 4K write score of 85MB/sec are second best in our benchmark results. So, this nifty gizmo deserved the rank.  

1. Corsair Neutron GTX

Corsair’s little Neutron GTX clouts our list from the bottom. A nice, amiable 240GB SSD to have for both  normal and stark level usage. Neutron GTX features 8 NAND level flash chips, a dual-core LM87800 controller made by Californian company Link_A_Media Devices famous for its overclocked performance devices. However, despite of the much touting and claiming, the results didn’t apt expectations. The sequential read and write speeds are 393MB/sec and 435MB/sec respectively but this is bounteous to have in £180 inc VAT, after all, its Corsair folks.


It’s always hard to dwindle the capacious SSD world in a nut. With a pronto of SSDs coming in the market, you’ve got to stay updated with the best deal available. Any nimble in your buying decision can wreck the mood and your pocket of course.