Top 5 free Apps for Blackberry Phones

By | March 24th, 2011

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a business professional or a fun loving teenager who loves to stay connected on the go, these apps are for everyone.

5. Screen Muncher

This simple easy to use software lets you take screenshots of virtually any page on your Blackberry smartphone. It adds a “Munch Screen “ button to your menu list, every time you press the button, it makes a “munching” sound and offers you to either save the image or share it via E-mail or Twitter. [Download]

4. AP Mobile

This news app from The Associated Press provides you with the latest news from all around the world. It helps you stay informed, with “top news”, “sports” and “international news” tabs. The app is well organize and easy to navigate within. [Download]

3. Windows Live Messenger

It works just like the messenger on your computer, not only allows group chat with multiple online contacts but you can also share pictures, files, voice clips and contact information right from your phone. Unfortunately there is no “nudge” feature. [Download]

2. Facebook

Just because you’re not close to a computer doesn’t mean you miss out on the gossip and fun with your friends. Facebook addicts can now poke, message, wall post, status update, friend request, like and upload photos right from their Blackberry smart phones. However there’s no support for Facebook chat just yet. [Download]

google maps blackberry Top 5 free Apps for Blackberry Phones

1. Google Maps

You may have the trusty old Blackberry maps on your phone but this app has support for more countries. It locates your position on a map and even shows its accuracy as well as allows you to Voice Search points of interest. It even shoes traffic and satellite views. You can also get directions to destinations, where it provides you with the distance between point A and B and also the estimated traveling time! [Download]

Tell us in comments if these are not the 5 best app for blackberry. [Image source: WebProNews]