The Dynamite Alarm Clock

By | August 1st, 2009

Innovation, innovation and innovation. Yet another innovation, although the idea is quite old but we’ve never seen the product in this outfit. The clock offers an explosion to wake you up. Yeap that’s right, if you’ve ever been awaken by Thunder Storm or a bomb blast (if you live in Iraq), then you can use this clock.

3777222893 40727b80e3 The Dynamite Alarm Clock

The dynamite function is powered by two AAA size batteries that go into what looks like a dynamite, nice thinking by the designers. It goes like this:




BOOOM !!!!!

It looks like a cool gift to give to your friends. It won’t cost you much, only about $18. Following are the functionality:

  • A great bedroom alarm clock in its own right as well as being a cool and fun novelty
  • This contraption can make a very cool and amusing gift for your friends
  • With explosion wake up sound and flashing LED lights
  • Backlit 1.9? LCD
  • Dynamite function powered by 2*AAA batteries (not included)
  • Time display function powered by 1*LR44 (included)

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