Tera scale Computing

By | January 20th, 2009

Tera-scale computing will be the next revolution in computing technology by intel for the next decade. In tera scale computing processors will consist of 100s of cores and are capable of performing trillions of calculations per second! Machines will become so powerful that none has imagined today.

tera scale computing Tera scale Computing

Intel is investing millions of dollar in the research work to develop machines for the future to help solve highly complex problem. According to Intel, there are currently over 100 projects working around the globe on tera scale computing.

intel Tera scale Computing

Tera-scale processors promise to offer an unmatched concentration of computing power and enable vital usages and applications. The computing power may be provided by a combination of general-purpose cores and special-purpose (fixed or programmable) computing engines. Further, Moore’s law enables the integration of additional system resources to the processor die. However, the realization of tera-scale architecture is challenged by on-die power dissipation, wire delays, off-chip memory bandwidth, process variations, and higher failure rates. These challenges create opportunities for architectural innovation. One of the ways to address these challenges is through the use of a “tiled” architecture: the die is divided into a large number of identical or close-to-identical, tiles that are interconnected using a scalable and energy-efficient interconnect. This modular approach enables ease of layout and rapid integration of different blocks. Limited off-chip memory bandwidth requires innovations in the cache hierarchy, memory subsystem, and coherence protocol.

The technology is however still under development, but let’s keep our fingers crossed!