Super quick file encryption by gKrypt, Uses GPU

By | August 1st, 2012

When it comes to privacy, there is no room for error. What you would want is software that secures your data instantly and with a click of a button decrypts it for instant use while providing exceptional password security, other software’s sadly fails to do so because of their steep learning curve and hard to understand interface. gKrypt on the other hand provides a clean and easy to understand user interface while encrypting your files and folders at a click of the button it does so by using GPU (nVidia, AMD) over the tradition CPU encryption. With the combination of GPU processing and AES super encryption, gKrypt provides best quality and value.

As soon as you finish installation, a detailed user guide will guide you through the basic operations of the software and to familiarize you with the user interface. You can view the guide later as well, just open the “Help” section will provide you with further assistance. Before proceeding further, you must set up a “Master” password that will stay with you for encryption and decryption. Advance hashing techniques are used throughout the application and it uses intelligent system to detect your graphic card weather NVidia or AMD and discovers if you have a GPU or not.

After completing the basic startup, click on the lock/unlock tab. This is the main workspace that provides users with encryption facility. In the settings tab there are two checkboxes i.e. to delete the original file after encryption and to delete the encrypted file after decryption. When you drag and drop a file into gKrypt; it will create a copy and encrypt that rather than the original file, so choose your option wisely.

The speed tab shows the amount of “speed” you will yield using the specific i.e. the CPU or the GPU. In my case I had not updated my Video drivers, so do that and press refresh tab after you update your AMD or NVidia drivers. Even with the CPU speeds, It took gKrypt just matter of seconds to encrypt five videos I lined up for it, a total of 750 MB in seconds, imagine that.

The easy to understand interface continues into the part of decryption, just double click the encrypted copy and gKrypt will prompt you with decryption screen. All you have to do to decrypt the file is enter the master password you set up and viola, you have your files back. The application uses 256 AES encryption, essentially it is the strongest and it would take a super computer trillions of years to unlock it with brute force.

The completion of both the processes is shown by a green tick mark on the top left corner of the screen, both while encrypting and decrypting. And, unlike other software’s that make you enter password for each and every file; you can check the checkbox option to decrypt all files using the same password.
We tested it on a 64-bit windows 7 machine with AMD 6370M, windows XP, Vista, & and windows 8 are also supported.


The GKT API is available to developers who wish to develop applications using well rounded GPU accelerated encryption library. Visit the link below for more information.

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