Sprint announces WebOS 1.3.5

By | December 28th, 2009

Sprint has announced an update for Palm Pre operating system, the WebOS. The new operating system, WebOS 1.3.5 has many improvements over the previous version of 1.3.1. It’s always recommended to update the the software to the latest version whether it’s PC, drivers or Mobile OS as the latest version is always better and faster.

palm pre webos Sprint announces WebOS 1.3.5

The new version promises a better battery life and performance. Moreover some bugs in the old version are also fixed. Palm will automatically send the request to upgrade Palm Pre OS to the latest version. The new OS has following upgrades:

  • Improvement in battery life optimization when in marginal coverage areas.
  • QCELP capability fix to allow play and audio of video sent via MMS.
  • Launch Google Maps or Sprint Nav when tapping an address from contacts.
  • Minimized package of MR size through binary difference. Customers can now download over 2G connections if necessary.

Via Sprint