Sony Bloggie Captures full HD video in 3D

By | April 30th, 2011

The new Bloggie 3D camcorder from Sony captures 1080p Full HD video and even 5 Mega pixel stills , all of which can be conveniently viewed from the 2.4 inch glasses-free 3D display.It essentially allows you to decord high definition 3D video which can directly be played on a 3D HD TV.The inbuilt still camera feature boasts a CMOS sensor and will even snap 2 Mega Pixel Photos in 3D !

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Another interesting addition is an accelerometer which changes the screen orientation.Theres also an HDMI output and even a flip-out USB port for efficient connectivity on the go.The SteadyShot image stabilization will come in handy if you have trouble keeping your hands still, theres also 4X digital zoom as well as a LED Video light to counter low-visibility conditions.The Bloggie 3D has a rechargeable battery  which allows you to record up to 4 hours of HD video with 8GB of internal memory.The compact design and light weight offers more portability.

61AkUg5R1 L. AA1200  300x300 Sony Bloggie Captures full HD video in 3D

The Sony Bloggie 3D is now available from Amazon for $250, but the reason why this camcorder may never really kick-off is fairly simple, when 3D video capture is available on mobile devices, why would you buy another gadget that does the same thing, why would you carry it around when a mobile camera offers more portability, besides that you’ll have lots of wire management to do apart from scheduling  time to charge it after you’re done charging that iPod, laptop and mobile phone.

It really doesn’t belong to the Bloggie family of camcorders, even if you upload your videos to YouTube most if not all viewers will only be able to view them in 2D.This device could however be popular if Sony introduces a variant with a rugged body so you can record your out-door adventures, wouldn’t that surfing video look cool in 3D HD ?

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