SEO Smart Links Premium – WP Plugin Review

By | December 19th, 2010

SEO Smart Links is, no doubt, the best wordpress plugin for interlinking the articles on your site. It dramatically increases traffic and search engine ranking of every page (that you want) on your website.

I’m a heavy user of Vladimir’s SEO tips and his WordPress plugins. There was a time when this site wasn’t receiving any visitors from search engines, or as they call it; We were in a Sandbox. But through SEO tips and plugins from Prelovac Media, I was able to make my image better in front of Google and other search engines which now are responsible for 80% of the total traffic that we receive. But, with so many technology sites in the pool, everyone wants to rank better; the plugin that I’m going to review will surely make that happen.

If you’re among the 275,000 users that have SEO Smart Links plugin on their website, what the Premium version has to offer will knock your socks off. Without going into the details, some of the benefits are higher page rank of all pages, more traffic even to old articles and completely automatic interlinking solution. There are about 15 news features in the Premium version compared to the free version of the plugin.

Custom keywords: (My Personal Favorite)

The way I blog is to have generalized no-follow categories but specialized tags for every product and service. You can see the Top Tags on the sidebar of this website, each of which is a minimum of Page Rank 3. The secret is interlinking, for example, every time I write an article or news about iPhone, I make sure that I link to iPhone Tag where readers can find all my articles on iPhone. Custom Keyword feature in SEO Smart Links does this automatically. All you need to do is to define urls against keywords. Just like below:

custom keywords SEO Smart Links Premium   WP Plugin Review

From now onwards, whenever I write a post about iPhone, my iPhone Tag will automatically be linked through any of the defined keywords. I have also checked the option, not to duplicate the linking if the keyword(s) repeats in the article. Imagine you have written a fantastic review about something and you want it to rank higher in the search engines. All you need to do is to add its link to Custom Keyword section and it will automatically be linked from all the related keywords from future and previous posts.

The Custom Keyword section is only for special-attention-pages. You can play with several options in the home page of the plugin to automatically interlink related posts among one another. This increases the odds of a reader going back to one of your previous article about the same topic. I recommend to put all those special pages, tags or evergreen articles in Custom Keyword section (SEO+PR) and let the plugin interlink the rest automatically (More Visits).


It’s always good to know what the software is doing to your website behind the scenes. The statistics section gives you a complete report about the plugin’s accomplishments. There are three types of reports; Post, Keywords and Target URL.

Keyword Report

The keyword report tells you how many times a keyword has been linked. If you want to see which pages are linking it, just click on it. For example after few hours of installing the plugin on my website the custom defined keywords: iPad has been linked from following pages:

keyword statistics SEO Smart Links Premium   WP Plugin Review

Target URL Report

This report comes handy when you want to promote some special pages. For example, I really want to increase the Page Rank of my iPhone and Video Games tag these days and I’m happy to see that both are linked more than 10 times from different articles on my website.

target url SEO Smart Links Premium   WP Plugin Review

Posts Link Outflow

Another thing you want to make sure is that any post on your blog doesn’t link to too many pages in order to retain its own PR value. The Posts Statistics section tells you that. None of my post is linking to more than 2 external (same site) pages, so I’m in a safe zone.

post report SEO Smart Links Premium   WP Plugin Review

Using these report, you can always play with tons of options that come with this plugin to achieve your desired results. We recommend this plugin to all SEO conscious website owner. Visit the Product Page to see all the exciting features this plugin has to offer.

We thank Vladimir Prelovac and Ervin Juresa for giving us a free copy of the plugin.