Save up to 70% on Laptops with Lenovo Outlet Deals

By | September 23rd, 2013

Lenovo has long been praised for its powerful, capable, durable business machines, having sleek designs and state of the art in-house accessories. If you are a Lenovo fan and looking to get the best bang for your bucks, we’ll recommend you the shangrila of the Lenovo best official deals, the online Lenovo outlet. You can get at least 50-70% discount from this awesome official Lenovo outlet.  With Free shipping and support services, the outlet gives the most latest and cheapest tech deals you have ever dreamt of. There are basically three categories/conditions of the laptops offered at the outlet:

1) New

New means brand new! dewy and cutting edge pieces of cake. Lenovo’s outlet explains the new category as “order cancelled, unopened return, or factory-direct excess”

You Save

You save up to 50% in the new laptops with amazing deal offerings. For example one specific deal for ThinkPad T420 asks only $567.08 whereas the market rate is $1181. So you save $614.34. Kudos to the Lenovo outlet again.

2) Refurbished

Refurbished means “Opened, possibly used, tested to pass original specifications” but don’t freak out because my personal experience says refurbished laptops do great most of the cases (must research well). Just some tweaks, one time use, minor wriggles don’t make anything old.

You Save

Here is an example. The Lenovo online outlet asks only $249 for refurbished IdeaPad S205s today, which is $593 in market. So you save a lax of around $344. Isn’t it amazing?

Scratch And Dent

If you are looking to save more, then here is another option at the outlet.  Scratch and dent means “Refurbished, cosmetic blemishes, no impact to operability” so there might be a very minute scratch or color fade but the machine will work just like a new one. And amount you save will just blow off your mind.

You Save

You can save  around 70%-80% here. For example, Lenovo G575 is costing $430 in the market outlets and this colossal online outlet is asking only $141, giving you a magnificent savings bundle of $288.

You must give a spin to this amazing Lenovo outlet. Deals are on for laptops, tablets, netbooks, desktops, workstations, accessories. You can get exchanges, support services and much more.