Samsung rolls out a new camcorder as Cisco shuts down Flip cameras

By | April 21st, 2011

Earlier this month , Cisco shutdown its line of Flip cameras which gained popularity because they could record HD video in a pocket-able design.However the folks at Cisco were smart to realize that with the launch of new Cellphones with HD video recording features, their humble line-up would soon see its demise.However Samsung has dared to introduce a new pocket camcorder, the HMX-W200.It boasts full HD video capture using a 5 Mega pixel auto-focus camera equipped with a CMOS sensor.The camcorder features a 2.3inch display comes with adequate battery time to record upto 2 hours of your outdoor adventures.A flip out USB port makes file Image/video transfer a breeze.
W200Back 247x500 Samsung rolls out a new camcorder as Cisco shuts down Flip cameras

It is also Shock proof and waterproof up to 3 meters and will survive falls of up to 2 meters.What makes this camera special is that it has an  anti-water drop coating over its display which means moist conditions wont hamper your shoots ,it also packs in an ‘Aqua mode’ for better video quality while recording under water.The camcorder is perfect for all your outdoor filming needs given that it seems tough and rugged and will hopefully not break into pieces when you try recording your outdoor expedition videos.It  will be available in May for $159.

Do you really need a dedicated HD camcorder if you have the same functionality on a slim new cellphone ? The camcorder’s sale volumes will surely answer that !

Source: Slashgear