Samsung Galaxy S III shows up in new colors

By | August 29th, 2012

The powerhouse by Samsung aka the Samsung SIII is now being offered in four more colors. Originally offered in pebble blue and pearl white colors, the company decided that it needed to rejuvenate sales and this could be a good tactic.

The new colors for the phone include following pallets:

The Garnet Red, although this color was already available but exclusive to AT&T customers; now though, Samsung has decided to make it global.

The Amber brown, brown? Not a fancy choice, but it doesn’t look half bad:

The Titanium grey, one of my favorite colors, half way through black and white; well it makes sense to me:

And finally the sapphire black, the bold black does look good on the device:

So far the pearl white has been the favorite, these new shades are great make over for the phone. Share your views about the color choices, which one do you like the most? which one you would rather skip? share it all.

Source: gsmarena