Samsung Galaxy Prevail from Boost Mobile gets announced

By | April 7th, 2011

The mobile division at Samsung never fails to surprise us, every other day we find ourselves writing about another device from its Galaxy series. The Galaxy Prevail is a CDMA phone and also the first Android device from Boost Mobile.

The device runs Android 2.2 and comes with pretty average specs considering it’s year 2011. A 3.2 inch touch screen allows you to enjoy the best Android has to offer with its add-on applications backed up by a 100,000 App strong market. A 2 Megapixel camera lets you snap a few pictures on the go, the added GPS feature coupled with the TeleNav free, unlimited edition is definitely a plus. All other features are pretty basic and average but given its price its offers great value for money.


The device will be available for $179.99 off contract from Boost mobile which offers great packages including the $50 unlimited monthly plan. All in all it’s a good device for those who want a mid range Android device. However if you want a cell phone with advanced web-browsing or multimedia playback this is definitely not he device for you. For more details see the Boost Mobile Website. [Source: androidcentral]