Samsung begins production of fastest NAND memory for phones and tablets

By | August 3rd, 2012

Samsung has revealed that they have begun producing new NAND memories for smartphones and tablets ranging from 16, 32 and 64GB. This new Samsung Embedded Multimedia Card (eMMC) Pro Class 1500 delivers the fastest speeds we have seen from the industry products. Delivering speeds of up to 140 Mbps read and 50 Mbps write they leave their competition behind. For random reading and writing it can access 3500/1500 inputs and outputs per second which is four times greater than the previos eMMC chips.

Samsung eMMC Pro Class 1500 is the first to support the latest JEDEC e-MMC v4.5 specification that standardizes more features to improve performance, efficiency, security, and reliability such as: a SDR-200 Interface (200MHz, 200MB/s Max Bandwidth), cache handling, dynamic handling, file sanitizing, and power-off notification. Featuring highly reliable boot code and application storage, Samsung’s 64GB eMMC can store 16,000 MP3 files in a single package that weighs only 0.6 grams.


Now you might be wondering why it is great, well faster transfer speeds means more room for app developers to make applications that require fast data transfer rates. If they can achieve speeds up to 14mbps then it means they can advance in making rich graphics games, implement augmented reality efficiently, record encode and decode HD videos at a faster rates. The possibilities are endless. Undoubtedly we will see these chips being used in the future smartphones and tablets by Samsung. Guess we will wait and see how they perform under real life circumstances.