Review: C.E.O Hybrid case for iPad

By | July 30th, 2012

Choosing an appropriate case for your device is no child’s play. Most people want different things from different products, some want maximum coverage while some just want a case to “carry” their device around. The case we have brought up for you today i.e. C.E.O hybrid case that offers both at the same time for the new iPad (3rd generation) and the iPad 2.

Design & Features

It is a folio case that is functional and yet stylish, very hard to keep a balance of in our opinion. You can get the hybrid case in different colors, we prefer the black one the carbon fiber look gets a little dull after some time. The iPad fits in rather perfectly with our new iPad and same goes for the iPad 2. So you shouldn’t worry about getting your device in. Once in, your device would be unrecognizable, it would seem as if someone left a portfolio on your desk.

We loved the fact that it fits, does its job and proves to be aesthetically perfect. Hybrid C.E.O provides overall good coverage of around 97% which is more then you get from any other case considering it leaves out all the important ports free. It usually is a hassle to plug in your device in any odd regular case, but the hybrid case seemed comfortable and the cut outs for the connectors were well thought off.

Now coming to the design, it comes five different designs to choose from, a lightweight and portable design means that you can carry your device with comfort. It also features an automatic sleep/wake lid which is pretty handy for careless users like me. When typing, you can choose from three different angles at 120, 140 and 165 degrees depending on your usage style. There is also a strap which you can use to hold the iPad comfortably, and an elastic strap convers to secure your device in the case.

You should not feel insecure that your device will fall off because it has hard clips that will lock your iPad right in plus a hard spine provides a sturdy feel which is always reassuring. Overall we loved the design and the features of this case. Apart from the task of getting your iPad in, the case provides excellent functionality and usability and aesthetics to go along with it which makes the case a serious option for your iPad.


The hybrid case is priced at $49.9 a piece which is not bad at all for the functionality it provides and how easy it becomes to carry your device with you. It is one of the best cases we have seen recently for the iPad and we would recommend it for your iPad. Head over their site to place an order.

From: Marware