Recover Your Lost Files, Data Using Recuva for Free

By | September 19th, 2013

Hard disk crashes, power losses, foolish file deletions, fluffy, occasional SHIFT DELs, there is so much that makes us search for the best, useful and free (of course) file recovery tool. There are plenty of file recovery software, some work, some are just futile and time wasters. We recommend Recuva, probably the best free file recovery software, a completely freeware capable of recovering  deleted files and data. Usability is just amazing, even a 5th grader and goof can use it without tottering up the  mess. Some of the colossal features include portable version that run from USB stick, easy going for almost all the file systems like NTFS, FAT32, works great for storage devices and removable media like USB sticks, storage cards and music players. Recuva only supports Windows.

Here is a step by step procedure to install this amazing utility and recover files. Let’s get started

1)Download, install and run the program on your computer. A welcome screen will appear. Click “Next” to proceed.

2) Now select the type of file which you want to recover for example if you have lost images, hit “pictures”

3) This area is my favorite, just specify the location from where you want to retrieve the data. Look at the option saying “On my media card or iPod”. This option is really handy and useful in case you want to get the data out of removable media, cam etc. If you want to add a custom location, just browse.

4) Now click the “Start” Button, don’t go for  the deep scan option unless you don’t find the lost files in the first attempt because it normally takes hours for the deep scan to complete.

5) Now the scanning will start, Recuva scans at a brilliant stormy speed of 75GB/sec. Simply amazing

6) You will now get the list of the recovered files, just look out for your lost pie and if you are lucky enough to locate it, just check the box below the file and hit “Recover”

7) Now select the location where you want to recover/save the located files

8) You can also go to the “advanced mode” where you can select any drive and media types. There is an “option” button from where you can select various options like language, view mode,  secure overwriting and other scan options.

That’s it, just easy as pie. File and data recovery made easy with Recuva. Download Recuva for free here.

[Images via guidingtech]