Record videos on iPhone without Jailbreak

By | December 20th, 2009

iVidCam is a powerful app for iPhone 2G and 3G that converts your iPhone into video camera. The app offers to record mp4 video format with 280×360 resolution. You can record videos in portrait as well as in landscape and transfer to your PC via WiFi.

However, the frame rate provided by the app doesn’t seem good. It can record up to 7 frames per second whereas 15 frames per second is required, at least, to capture the moving objects without distortion. The app also offers you to turn off the sound recording to improve the video frame rate. Still the app is great for your iPhone and costs only $1.99.


  • video resolution: 280×360 for both portrait and landscape recording
  • Estimated frame rate is 3-7 frames per second
  • Video Record limit depends on your iPhone storage
  • Video Format: mp4
  • View all recorded videos with landscape movie viewer
  • WiFi transfer your videos to your desktop for safe keeping
  • Upload your video to YouTube, and then you can share your YouTube link via email or Twitter

Via ividcam