PSU comparison: Cooler Master or Corsair? Which one to choose

By | July 3rd, 2013

Choice of an ideal PSU has always been a burning issue and a matter of fiery debates among the hardcore pro gamers because of the immense importance of power management in the state of the art contemporary gaming. The next generation games and high end graphics compel the hardware to elevate the processing throughout the gaming session. A decent, optimized and compatible PSU can augment the productivity of the game play and speed. A good PSU not only depletes the consumption of the systems resources, it also decreases the software stress conditions hence you can enjoy the gaming even more.


Corsair and Cooler Master are two of the leading PSU companies and the hard core gamers always find themselves bricked while making decision between the two. Corsair PSU’s have always the edge in the power efficiency benchmarks and if you are eying for a PSU that can increase the system-game compatibility ratio, Corsair is the best option. For instance, without over clocking, an AMD x6 equipped system’s TDP consumes 150-190 Watt with Corsair. Clean power supply is the hallmark o the Corsair PSUs.

Capacitors in the Corsair PSU always work on high voltages that helps a lot in decreasing the overall temperature output of the GPU. Corsair PSU has the modular management feature that makes it peculiar from the other power supply units. Modular feature means that you can connect cables directly to the PSU according to your own choice without using the connectors and extra wires that are always responsible for the loss and latency problems. Noise and heat problems are also amended in the latest versions of the Corsair power supply units.
Cooler master is the best option for you if you are looking for active PFC benchmark and its compatibility is optimized for the low end devices because of the fact that there is an inherent feature of slow speed backing in the Cooler master PSUs. If price is the benchmark, Cooler master always surpasses the other PSUs. For the normal gamers, PSUs like Cooler master Silent Pro Gold 1200w and 1300w are some of the best options to go for. The primary benchmarks tests show that CM 850 had 64amps of +12v power over six rails and the Corsair TX850 has 70amps of +12v over a single rail. Warranty is not an issue as mostly all of the PSU devices coming in the market have 5 years of warranty. It’s just a matter of the most suitable choice according to the gaming needs and one must search the market and weigh the options before making a buying decision.