Plantronics Savi Office Review

By | October 31st, 2012

Plantronics is a household name when it comes to audio, let it be either gaming or headphones for music, Bluetooth for phone or desktop, Plantronics have got it all covered. The agenda for today however, is wireless headsets, which are widely used as office equipment and gaming gadgets as well. For that, the gadget in view is Plantronics Savi office series, specifically the WO series.

The Savi office are a little out of tradition for Plantronics  as  they are rather known for their heavy head gear and home entertainment systems, the enterprise editions i.e. Savi office works with both landline and VOIP service applications such as Skype or Google Talk. However, connectivity is limited to PC and you cordless phones as it cannot pair with your mobile phone, which is the biggest downside of this series.

The Design

The Savi Office system consists of a base unit and a couple choices of cordless headsets. Covered in black and silver, it gives a pure enterprise feeling and finish. The base unit measures 3.7 inches wide and it is used to charge the head set. On the top, you will get two LED indicating the battery state of your head set, moving on you would find a subscription button at the front, which you press to activate the Savi Office system.

You have option of two headsets as well, both headsets use DECT 6.0 cordless technology to communicate with the base unit, keep in mind that they are NOT wireless headsets. One is a large headset with a big ear muffs, like the ones telemarketers use, The other headset included in the Savi Office system seems morphed version of the Plantronics Voyager 510. Measuring almost 3 inches high by 0.5 inch thick by almost 5.5 inches long, the other headset also has a really long boom mic.


You have a choice of two headsets with the Savi Office system. Both headsets use DECT 6.0 cordless technology to communicate with the base unit–they are not Bluetooth headsets. Both headsets have a 350-foot radius around the base unit. One is a large headset with a big boom, and is reminiscent of the ones telemarketers use. It measures almost 5 inches long, is around 0.8 inch wide and about 0.6 inch thick. On the front of it is a toggle–it can be pressed down to make a call, and rocked up and down to change the volume. On the back of it are the earpiece and an earhook. You have a choice of earbud covers, and you can even switch out the earhook for a headband that wraps around your head. Still, the earpiece felt slightly too big for our ears, and it didn’t feel comfortable when worn.


To start using your headset, you’ll need to install Plantronics Persono Suite. After that, just connect the USB cable to base unit and the PC, you PC will detect and automatically configure the sound to Plantronics headset. Now when you make a call with a VOIP application, which Plantronics calls “softphone” applications, you can use the Savi Office headset. The Persono Suite software also lets you connect a softphone call with a desk phone call as a conference call. You can also use the headset with iTunes since it supports PC audio–you can set it so iTunes pauses whenever there is an incoming call, and resumes playback when the call ends.

Performance, Conclusion and Pricing

Overall performance of the headset is beyond satisfactory and it delivers to the promised features of wire-free office communication. However, the lack of mobile phone connectivity takes a jab at its specification list and it would have been perfect with that option.

Coming straight to price, and there is no easy way to say it, it costs $214, yes, t is a hefty price tag, but keep in mind that it is an enterprise and household solution and delivers premium quality and sound. If you have a different taste in wireless headsets, then you can choose various options provided by Plantronics, choose what you desire.