Patriot Super Sonic Rage 32GB flash drive review

By | November 6th, 2012

Did anyone say flash memory? Yes, we agree that portable hard drives will eventually take over, and yes we believe that they will continue to shrink in size, but we cannot eliminate the influence of Flash drives on our daily work. We need files to be shifted and shared quickly with a reliable medium, and that is where flash drives comes in. The latest gadget in view is by Patriot, a company with 25 years of history and one of the most reputed portable products in the line.  Rage XT is a portable flash drive constructed to last and powered with USB 3.0 to perform.

Construction and design

Unlike usual USB flash drives, the construction on this one is pretty rugged, last time I remember a USB catered that well was the LeCie Rugged key which we reviewed a few months ago. This drive can be dropped from height onto hard surfaces or can be stepped on and it won’t damage, reason being its construction. Covered with rubber casing, you won’t have to worry about drops and falls at all.

One of the biggest advantage of this drive is that it is pretty small, smaller than the magnum which we listed in top 10 drives of 2012. Furthermore, to our delight, the USB features a cap less push out design, which is loved because you don’t spend half of the time looking for the lost cap.


The flash drive is rated beyond average, and when contrasted with the price tag, it is simple one of the best options. At an average sequential reading speed of 180 MB/s, it tops the charts, while the writing speeds are a little low at 45 MB/s, but it can be forgiven provided that it is reasonably priced.

Price and Worth

The 32 GB version of the flash drive sells for $40, which lands it at around $1.25 per GB. That’s not actually bad, most high performing USB 3.0 cost somewhere between $50-60. Along with the price, the small form factor and extra tough interior makes it a worthy option for your next flash drive.

There are a few issues, the mediocre writing speeds do over shadow the overall spec sheet. But in normal day use they will be hardly noticeable and hence for that reason we would rate it a 9 out of 10. Slightly better writing speeds and it might even land in 9.3.

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Support: USB 3.0, USB 2.0; Windows, MAC, UBUNTU