Panasonic Pulls the Sheets off its Solar-Powered Wireless Charging Table

By | March 18th, 2011

Japanese consumer electronics giant Panasonic plans to introduce this one of a kind Solar-powered wireless charging table to the Japanese market by the end of this year. It features a large solar panel embedded into the tables’ surface and is said to charge any Qi-compliant device just by placing it on the table.

panasonic table solar Panasonic Pulls the Sheets off its Solar Powered Wireless Charging Table

Seems pretty nifty ! No word on pricing and world wide availability just yet, but it does sound like a pretty costly affair. Wireless charging is nothing new though, Energizer offers its range of wireless chargers called the Energizer “Inductive Charger” for around $90 and are compatible with the Apple iPhone, Blackberry as well as the Nintendo Wii console remotes. [source: akihabaranews]

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