Optimize your system with Tune up utility 2013

By | October 16th, 2012

Your computer’s hardware and software are fragile, just like a car they need to be tuned properly and regularly. There are some practices for which you don’t require any extra tools, such as defragmentation, but some are made easy with tune up utilities, such a utility is a ‘Tune up utility 2013’. Available on a free 14 day trial, it can check whether your system is running efficiently and without any issues. So I took up the time and downloaded the software to see if my notebook needed the service.

Download and install the application from Tune up website, after installation you will be guided through standard entry information, fill it up and you will be directed to a window One click tuneup.

One Click tune up

This screen will guide you to optimize your system at one click, it will go through your system profile and find out major issues like cached cookies, broken links, broken registries, fragmentation and speed optimization. So essentially, one click will tune up essentials and boost up the response of startup and shut down.

I for one was shocked to find more than 1000 errors and recommendations to optimize my notebook; I guess I have been neglecting it.

Advance options

There is so much you could do to enhance your systems performance, jumping to main menu and you will discover that there are so many options at your hand. First tab up is the startup recommendation tab which displays quick actions such as one click tune up, undo changes made and create self-optimized profile.

Defragmentation and optimization

Jumping to optimize computer tab will lead you to advance system options, where you will be offered operation like defragmenting hard disk, optimizing startup and shutdown, Disable programs, uninstall programs and disable start up programs. The tool is particularly useful because you don’t have to search for the options and tools you would have to previously; it is all action under one roof kind of utility.

Clean up Unnecessary data

Next tab is pc clean up. Whenever you run your system, the operating system creates caches and temporary files, sometimes these temporary files are never used and cause your system to over process them. The tab will show how much of memory you could save by cleaning a few properties including Cleaning up windows applications, cleaning up browser and disabling windows functions, I saved around 8GB worth of data with it.

Customize startup

My favorite of them all, customizing and personalizing your windows scheme.  You could download icon packs, login screens and windows interfaces i.e. aero interface and customize your own. It is one stop shop to complete personalization, and don’t worry, you could always revert back to your old style and interface.

Pricing and worthiness

The utility comes in with a free 14 day trial, if you are impressed by it you could spend $49 to buy the full version offering the same functionality for lifetime support and updates. As far as worth is concerned, I would personally rate it 4/5, 4 because $49 is a little too steep for the functions you could perform manually, but hey, you don’t have to scratch your head over it.

Download: Tuneup