Nokia Purity Headset First Look

By | September 3rd, 2012

Nokia is going to pair up with the ever popular monster cables, which are popular for bringing us the “Monster” by Dr.Dre. Nokia has announced a few products for their new Lumia series, NFC devices, Bluetooth earpieces, portable chargers and off course the headphones. Let’s have a look at what Nokia will bring us in the audio department.

To start off, the candy colored headsets are appealing and Nokia has chosen the “Google” path with the styling, which is the minimal styling, apart from colored outlook – nothing major is going on – no wires, no bulged out pieces etc. The headsets will feature foldable designs which will be easy to carry. Folding the headset will turn it off; unfolding will turn them back on again. The headsets can be used both wirelessly and with a wire when you run out of juice. Pairing is interesting as well, you don’t have to pair manually with Bluetooth, just gently tap your NFC enabled device with the headset and you are good to go.

The colors in which the purity will be sold at I red, black, white and yellow. Although being a gadget lover it was a love at first sight, but the price tag of a hefty $376 is way beyond my reach (at-least). You can purchase a Lumia phone in that I reckon. We have to wait to fully test the headphones though – but it is true that you can get/have a lot of options in that price range, and only time will tell if they are worth it.