Nexus 7 Cases, Sleeves and Protectors

By | July 26th, 2012

It’s been only a few weeks since the launch of Nexus 7 and the accessories are pouring in. Many companies have launched different cases for the device, as a gadget lover I love to keep all of my gadgets safe. For apple there are companies like griffin that assures quality, for android though you have to search a little harder. Here is a list of few cases and screen protectors that caught our eyes.

Nexus 7 Case by iBlason

case005c Nexus 7 Cases, Sleeves and Protectors

The iBlason provides good coverage and it provides a double rotatable support for landscape and portrait models. You can get one of these in black, blue and red. iBlason will also provide a three year warranty for their product; the case will only cost you $19.99 and is available on amazon waiting to be shipped. Visit their website for more information.

Official Website

Asus Case

Google Nexus 7 cases1 Nexus 7 Cases, Sleeves and Protectors

Asus themselves showcased a few cases for their device. From the looks of it they are colorful silicon flap covers. I have always been tempted by vibrant colors and this makes me want them. There has been no official release dates for these covers though and no prices have been mentioned as of yet.

Official Website

Poetic Portfolio


71GGREUyjUL. AA1500  Nexus 7 Cases, Sleeves and Protectors

Nostalgic, am I the only one who thinks that these look like the ones available for the iPad? We love the ones for the iPad and we hope they are going to be no different. From the looks of it Poetic  offer the same protection and automatic screen off and on functionality. Available at amazon for $19.

Official Website

Kays TPU gel and Screen protector

61H15n0eldL. AA1000  300x300 Nexus 7 Cases, Sleeves and Protectors

If you are looking for a light weight care free dust resistant case your best bet could be this TPU case by kays, available at amazon for $8 these cases are available in different shades and colors. Kays also provide screen protection for the Nexus 7, at $7 they are offering their anti-glare fingerprint resistant screen protector. They don’t have an official website, but they do maintain a healthy amazon portfolio


We’ll post in-depth review of our favorite case soon. Stay connected!