Nexus 7 accessories from ASUS

By | August 6th, 2012

Last week we brought you some accessories for the Nexus 7 which we felt like were suitable for your device. Since then ASUS and Google have managed to put of accessories of their own for your device. There are several cases to choose from, a folio case and a dock able keyboard case are one of your branded options.

Genuine Google Nexus 7 Bluetooth Keyboard Case 580x371 Nexus 7 accessories from ASUS

First up is the keyboard case. It is a rubberized keyboard along with your regular folio type case with a kickstand on the back so you could use it easily; the feel from the keyboard is a little off putting and will take some time getting used to. The folio case itself works like a dock for ASUS transformer series as it extends the battery life to 45 hours. You can charge it again through the same micro USB port like that on your Nexus 7. This dock case will set you back a hefty $125.

The second case is a rotatable folio case, what it means is that you can use your Nexus 7 in both portrait and landscape mode while it is in the Kick-stand position. This rotatable case will cost you $45 and currently available in black only.

Official Google Nexus 7 Rotating Stand Case 580x405 Nexus 7 accessories from ASUS

Other accessories include a simple non rotatable folio case which is priced at $25, again it as well is posted in black color only, it is almost like the ones that leaked earlier last week however there is more authentic feel from it. Screen protectors are also offered, at a price of $23 which promises to offer grease free screen and a better contrast output from your nexus device.

Source: Slashgear