MIT introduces first ever 110 Core Processor

By | August 29th, 2013

As the race for power efficient,  fast and  spruced up processor boost around the world, the global research leader and producer of the top notch scientist , MIT has launched 110 Core Processor called “Execution Migraine Machine”. The latest processor is designed with an intention to cope up the elevating demands of the industry related to the the pay offs between power consumption and processing capabilities of then ext generation machines. The 110 core processor features a shared memory pool absolutely “no cache” architecture which has raised many eyebrows lately but the MIT candidate explaining the new launch said that is is not the GPU kind of device. ITs launched for addressing the hardcore corporate processing needs where tons of scheduling jobs are needed to be queued.


“Its not something you buy for Christmas” said Mieszko Lis, a PHD candidate at MIT. The  shared memory pool; will help to incorporate the pre-defined allocation of resources and the state of the art chips used in the processor will inculcate the volatile in-demand paradigms so no need to worry about the lack of the cache. The latest release has been considered as a mover for the hardware designers who were striving to produce a 16 or 24 core processors but MIT has crammed 110 cores in 10*10mm chip, making the experts around the world surprise. There are no lags and the internal benchmarks have shown that the internal benchmarks, the performance is 25% better compared to other processors