Misfit Wearables abbounces shine, here to keep a track on your daily activities

By | November 15th, 2012

Health and life style applications and software’s are pretty common, but what happens when you add hardware peripherals to it? The Ex Apple CEO John Scully might have an answer. As most of the readers might know that john Scully and a few more techno geeks joined in and created Misfits, a team that makes hardware add-ons for devices, remember the glucose meters? The ones that could be attached with an iPhone to read the recorded data? Well, they made it, and now they are back with another health care hardware.

Named the Shine, the misfit wearable can monitor your daily activities like running, jogging, hiking and since it is waterproof, it can also track your swimming records. Encased in a stunningly beautiful metallic casing, the shine is no larger than a pound coin.

There are around 3000 holes, micro drilled on the surface of Shine, they are barely visible in broad daylight but when you tap the device to activate it, it lights up with light rings. The light rings grow and shrink depending upon how much of a health target you have achieved throughout the day. Say if you set a target to loose, run or walk 1000m and as you draw closer to target the light band will increase. Pretty neat I think, I love a sophisticated gadget, and of course you can control it, with an iPhone app that is, the company states on their website that there is an android app on its way an I forgot to mention the most important part, the connectivity.

To connect, read and set targets on the Shine all you need to do is to place shine on top of iPhone and later on Android device and it will automatically collect and send data without any connection requirements. The device is supposedly very light, you can hook it up with your shirt and be carefree for rest of the day, it think that it is pretty interesting device.

As far as prices are concerned, the shine will be sold at a typical $99 price tag. A wrist band option will soon be on its way as well, will be sold at $19 for the regular one $49 for the leather one. The shine comes with a rubber clip which you can use to strop it on shoes, belts and shirts. You can check the official video of Shine being used below: