Minebea brings out the Cool Leaf touchscreen keyboard

By | April 27th, 2011

This new keyboard features a stunning design, the reflective front panel is actually a reflective surface which reveals a full keyboard.What makes the keyboard different from those on touchscreen tablets is that it offers you the opportunity to type in two or more keys at a time, for example, you can use keyboard shortcuts like CTRL + C with ease.Apart from that it would look great on your desk.Thanks to to a smooth plastic surface, the keyboard would remain free of dust particles. Minebea plans to market the device in the health care and hospitality/food sector as its unique designs enable you to easily disinfect it.

Minebea Cool Leaf Keyboard 300x225 Minebea brings out the Cool Leaf touchscreen keyboard

Apart from that its pretty usable , at least according to reviewers at Akihabara News.Its also pretty compact.The multi touch capacitive touch screen panel makes typing long documents a breeze, since the touch sensitivity is also customizable, you’d have fewer errors while typing.The Minebea Cool Leaf will be  available in March, until then you’re stuck with your noisy old keyboard.

Source : Akihabara News