Microsoft Logo Makeover

By | August 27th, 2012

Yes, finally since the transformation in 1987 Microsoft has decided to change their logo only for the third time. The years they logos were changed are 1980, 1986 and finally the new logo which comes to us in 2012. The trend is obvious, Microsoft is moving from more of “heavy” designs to minimal designs.

The new logo features the iconic Microsoft colors, instead of the wavy windows logo they are just simple “blocks” carefully assorted to forma a square-ish look. The new logo features the name “Microsoft” in the Segoe font, a font used by Microsoft in their recent products. Have a look below at the new logo of Microsoft.

It’s the first time that Microsoft has introduced colors to their logos, previous logos were just mere fonts, the first introduced a “disco ball-ish” font, while the second logo which was briefly used reminds us of the band “Metellica” somehow. The third logo lasted for four years with a brushed out “O” look and finally the iconic logo which we saw in most popular editions of Microsoft from 1987-2012 editions. To end it off here is a list of what the old looks felt like: