Mercedes Plans To Integrate Google Glass For Navigation

By | August 21st, 2013

Google Glass is not seizing to reveal its capabilities , a new nirvana of the wearable computing has been planned to be integrated the Mercedes Benz and other car navigation systems. Mercedes has been working on improving the car navigation systems since long but it has come up with a great idea to help the customers enjoy the colossal power of navigation even after getting out of  the car.

The brand new  Mercedes app would streamline communications between Glass and your vehicle, allowing you to seamlessly switch between the two modes with just a single tap. No need to mingle with the remote no direction issues, everything will be directed from the cloud without any hindrance(As long as your GPS is on of course)

gg glass

Details about the Mercedes-Google Glass integration shows that the user just has to input the direction in the Glass from home and get into the car, That’s it, everything will be automated now and the information You gave to the Glass is  transferred to the in-car navigation when you get in your car and plug your phone into the system After this, when you get out of the car, the navigation returns again to Glass so you can complete your journey. This great app is likely to be launched by 2014 so brace yourselves to enjoy the overwhelming high class auto navigation with two of the elite leaders in computing and vehicle industry.