Kindle Fire 2 Rumors heat up

By | September 7th, 2012

The amazon based – Book reader/tablet/news reader is awfully famous with the masses, featuring a 7” display it was first of the “affordable” tablets, since its launch things have changed – the introduction of Nexus 7 to the word, rumors of iPad mini and companies like Archos fighting to make into the market has changed the scenario all along.

Kindle fire 2 Kindle Fire 2 Rumors heat up

Having said that, we believe that kindle fire update was long due, the original device is no doubt a good option – but since quad core processors came into the market the value of kindle dropped – although amazon once stated that the kindle fire is sold out but that news was not entirely true. To gain the attention back in the market. Amazon is due an event tomorrow and we expect big things from them, in recent commercials amazon bumped up the hopes by hopefully leaking what could be the next kindle fire.

The ad shows two devices, the paperweight ink display reader which seems to be measuring to 7” device and along with that a 10” device was spotted hopefully which will be the next kindle fire. Now we don’t have clear news or information about the hardware the devices will be boasting, all we can do is hope for it to be equal (if not better) to that of Nexus 7.

Other rumors that are circulating suggests that amazon also plans to launch an amazon phone, now it might not get showcased in tomorrow’s event, but if it in works than it can surely boost up amazons reputation and strength in the gadget market.