Keyboard buddy ads Physical Backlit Keyboard to iPhone 5

By | October 2nd, 2012

Heavy texters usually find it difficult to text with touch input, mainly because they don’t like to hold or text with one hand you might think “landscape” mode but that interferes with your text input. If that is the case with you and you are a iPhone 5 user then we have a good news for you. Keyboard buddy ads an extra hardware to your iPhone 5 giving you physical keyboard buttons, which connects with your phone via Bluetooth.

The keyboard itself snaps on like any other case, it looks like that the designers took a lot of time designing it because it is extremely thin even though it acts like a slide out QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard buddy is a perfect fit and gives a “premium” feeling, it feels as if it were an official accessory by Apple as it is designed purely for iPhone 5, thanks to its metallic shell, the feel should be sturdy and of high quality which will compliment it.


The list of feature goes on, the company has added a little extra battery power that will hold charge for around 2 weeks of use. The case/keyboard does not make use of lightning connector, but you can use microUSB connector to hook it up with a power source. The keyboard does not intrude with iPhone’s physical buttons either, as it is carefully carved out from them; you get enough space to press the volume, power and sound triggers comfortably.

Backlit keyboard will make sure that you don’t miss out on any key presses, this makes the package even more appealing. The keys on the keyboard are spaced individually and Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity would attract those who like to have a mechanical feel to their typing. If the keyboard case caught your eyes, you can spend $89.95 and order it from their website.