Keeping track of Olympics 2012 on Smartphones

By | July 30th, 2012

Olympics are underway and medals have started pouring. It is not easy to be around a television all the time and if you are sports enthusiast and want to keep track of Olympics 2012 you can download the official app for free on android and iOS platforms.

Live updates through APP

An official app was launched with the start of Olympics which lets you keep a track on the live games, schedules, scores, athletes and even lets you see a game played or being played by your favorite athlete.

App showing live news feeds Keeping track of Olympics 2012 on Smartphones

The app will keep you updated with live scores and happenings around the circuit. Hitting the “Live” button will take you the current happening of Olympics 2012, which is a sight for sore eyes as many television channels are covering the same sport leaving out the rest of the pack.

App showing schedule Keeping track of Olympics 2012 on Smartphones

The next screen schedule and result will show the dates on the top which you can slide to change, completed events will be notified by having a “medal” sign along with them, opening them will show you the result ; opening the uncompleted event will give you a brief timing schedule.

App organizing all sports Keeping track of Olympics 2012 on Smartphones

Sports button will understandable take you to the current sports listings. Choose a sport and it will take you to further sub-categories, here you can select your final sports category and see the schedule, the results and the fixtures.

App showing list of medals Keeping track of Olympics 2012 on Smartphones

Medals category will guide you to current medals standings, it will list the countries in descending order from most to least medals. Gold, silver and bronze are all listed. Tap the country and it will show you the discipline in which the country won the medal, quite useful for everyone.

App showing link through atheletes Keeping track of Olympics 2012 on Smartphones

Athletes tab will list all the participating athletes in Olympics 2012, browse through athletes with respect to their countries, sports they play or medals they have won. This made us browse through sports rather quickly and thus one of the best functions of the app.

And last but not least, the games tab features your selected favorite sports. It will constantly update you with the current happenings in the sports even you choose giving you notifications and medal standings as well. The good news is that the app is available on Android and iOS for free, so head over to the respective app market and download the app to keep a constant check on the scores.

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