It’s time to let go of Windows Xp

By | April 11th, 2011

Just Recently, Windows 7 users have surpassed Window XP ones in US according to a report by a stat tracking group, Pingdom. However, Windows XP, which was a great success, still has more than 31% penetration in the United States.

The data for the report was aggregated using visitor information on more than 3 million websites giving enough samples to estimate these figures. Windows 7 after about 20 months of its release has managed to break Windows XP hype, a thing that poorly executed Vista was and will never be able to achieve. According the report, Windows Vista has only 19% penetration among US users and decreasing.


The reason why Microsoft has reached this milestone is because firstly it has officially stopped supporting Windows XP. Secondly almost every new PC today comes with Windows 7 and people are throwing away their slow XP PCs out of desire or being malfunctioned. Microsoft will keep supporting Windows 7 by 2015 and yes, it’s the best OS we’ve seen after XP so people will keep using Windows 7 by 2010, my safe estimate. [via MaximumPC]

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