iPod nano gets a “Wristlet”

By | April 29th, 2011

If you’re an iPod nano owner and have already bought one of those ¬†wrist-watch straps for your iPod, you might as well be interested in one of these “Wristlets” by Griffin.

wristlet k nano6g 2 300x95 iPod nano gets a Wristlet

It encases your iPod in stretchy silicone and makes it more wrist-friendly by an integrated strap which Griffin thinks you’ll love, it does make it look cool though.The Wristlet is available for $20 however the price has been slahed to $12.You should indeed protect your iPod nano, last time i left mine unprotected ,it traded its video camera for a tiny touch screen!

Anyways, there where leaked images of a 7th Gen iPod nano body which show a hole for a camera,we’ll bring you more updates on the latest developments.For now, if you’re interested in a Wristlet see its official product page.