iPhone or iPoor

By | December 31st, 2008

We have a tie here! Now you have to decide. Please do vote for the one you love either iPhone or iPoor.

iPhone thousands of apps. thousands of reasons to love your iPhone



iPoor the real iPhone killer


Click on both of them to view their specs 🙂

iPoor is really a iPhone killer, and we have some fans here!

hero nakamura

“Save the iPoor, save the world!  Wait, that doesn’t make sense… Oh well, I don’t care. I’m a fictional Japanese character!”

Hiro, Fictional Time Traveller.


“Be a man and get iPoor, or somebody gonna get hurt real bad…”

Russell, Fortune Teller.


“In my country, we all use iPoor high technology. If I not use, I will be execute. But it’s nice, I like”

Borat, Journalist.

So what do you vote for? Please vote for one in the comment.