iPhone Flute App – Ocarina

By | April 11th, 2009

Literally turn your iPhone into a flute without any hardware modification, just by installing an iphone application: Ocarina. This app is developed by Smule, which claim Ocarina to be the first true musical instrument created for iphone. Just like an original flute the Ocarina app is sensitive to the breath, movements, and figure touch.

ocarina holes iPhone Flute App   Ocarina

ocarina iPhone Flute App   Ocarina

The best thing about this app is that it’s just for 0.99$. Already about 1 billion of apple apps have been downloaded out of which Ocarina holds a major share. This app has set a new trend in technology, who knows the next big thing would be. The Ocarina app is very simple to use. When you run the application, it provides you with four location to select the tone/frequency on iphone’s multi-touch screen. Just blow into the microphone of your iPhone and enjoy the sheer flute experience. Here is the step by step guide
ocarina fingerholes phone iPhone Flute App   Ocarina

How to play:

  • Blow into iPhone’s microphone to play music
  • Hold down combination of holes to change pitch
  • Tilt your phone to change vibrato rate and depth

The voice quality of the tone is very good and clear, however, it not that simple as it seems. Just like a real flute: you have difficulty becoming a master. Similarly you need practice on your iPhone with Ocarina to play good sounds. But I guess that automatically comes with time when you start playing.

Share and Listen:

This app also provides you to share your music online with all the other app holders using geo maps. When you play, Ocarina records a part of your playing, then ads it to the global database thus creating a community for the app users who can listen, save and share their music to each other. The app also includes many other options to do the settings according to your voice, output and stamina etc.

Some Sample Tunes:

amazing grace ocarina iPhone Flute App   Ocarina blowing in the wind ocarina iPhone Flute App   Ocarina

Sample Sound:

Here is a video sample that I thought to share with you. I hope you like it. Please comment below about this app:

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