iPhone 5S All Set To Be Revealed, What To Expect

By | September 9th, 2013

So everyone is in the saddle, having stirrups and champing at bit as Apple is all set to reveal the much awaited iPhone 5S(no, that’s not the only thing set to launch). Rumors are walloping the media that the tech giant, amid the most sinewy competition in the industry is weighing the options to reveal “something more”, apart from the  already scheduled release. There is likely to be Bargain basement iPhone-C, a much cheaper version of iPhone, intended to ship China, there will be splash of the music streaming service to tackle the elevated rivalries like  Spotify, Radio. Well, well well! one thing to turn you around we missed? , the iOS-7 release will be a thunderbolt for the competitors un-waveringly if Apple really decides to take the World Wide Developers Conference announcement to reality this Tuesday at Cupertino, Calif headquarters


Hardware- Tweaked up with Leaked Thumbnail scanner

So what to expect from iPhone 5S?, the real cynosure for the event.  Well take the thumbnail scanner thingy for granted as we are  hearing it about since long but now a local news percolation from China has chinked the nut as the new leaked images show a silver  ring around the new iPhone 5S, that is for sure, a thumbnail scanner through which Apple has decided to give for integrated biosecurity. The crevices are confirming the biometric security integration leaks by Fox News reporter Clayton Morris, affirmed by Chinese news outlet(it seems Chinese are much engrossed in the upcoming iPhone, don’t they?). Draw a blank about any major update in the iPhone 5S hardware other than this, it will be same as iPhone 5 except the tweaked up cam and processor.


Software- iOS 7 going to spice things up here

Yes, the software is going to spice things up, with the iOS 7 , there will be an all new design, with flatter and redesigned icons, along with new features like the Control Center that lives throughout the phone and an improved browser. It’s making the softy things, all intricate, fliffy and chichi and experts perceive iOS 7 to be the single most important update and a rococo part  in 5S event this Tuesday.

Display– A Little Tweaked Up Pixel Count

Tattling leaks, scuttle-butting the plethora of tweaks in the display section of 5S but nothing can be said for sure. You can expect a Super HD screen display and camera as touted by media in December 2012 but one thing is for sure here, the canard report affirm that the display will be all quacked up, from 727,040 pixels found in the current iPhone 5 Retina display, which gives 640 x 1,136 resolution and 326 pixels per inch. 5S is going to boost things up with a state of the art double screen resolution, that will tweak up the pixel count  to 1.5 million and making the bezel extremely thin.

Camera- mmm, not much

Now Camera is not something that can wriggle you up, some say it will be the same MP as in iPhone 5, only a beefier camera and larger flash on the back in 5S but some suggest that amid  the bombastic MP cam trends set by Sony and Samsung, Apple has planned to give 13 MP for 5S.

Battery- Worth It, With Wireless Charging

There will be an improved battery integration, from 5.45Whr battery to a 5.45Whr one but here is a jaw dropping part for you. Apple recently signed a Wireless Power Utilization, a wireless charging system with near-field magnetic resonance (NFMR), so that means?? Yes! We are hopefully going to get wireless charging on Tuesday’s event.

With a plethora of tweaks and wiggles, Apple is whirling up hard to give it’s best shot, so just wait and see what’s Apple got for us.