iPhone 5 Screen protectors and Cases reviewed

By | September 14th, 2012

Pre-orders for iPhone 5 have started and they will start reaching users from 21st september. Considering it is a brand new phone – you wouldn’t want it to get scratched or dented from those un expected falls. We have assembled a few accessories that you can order for you future phone.

Screen Protectors

First thing first – the screen protectors. Although iPhone 5 features a olephobic gorilla glass display, but sometimes even that cannot garuntee a scratch free screen. Fortunately zagg has announced invisible sheild for iPhone 5.
Zagg covers the entire phone, the screen, the back and the sides. They let you customize your protection options, you can choose either a case friendly screen-only protector or full coverage (preferred). Apart from that, there are four different protector families to choose from. Hi-defination (Advance clarity, glass like reflection), Extreme (break protection), Original and Smudge proof.

The “Front only” screen protector will cost you 20 euros, meanwhile the full body armour is priced at 30 euros. for further information follow Zagg.
Your other option is spigen’s screen protectos. The have started pre-orders giving veriety of options like zagg. They have four options in their inventory, Ultra crystal, Ultra fine, Ultra Ole-phobic and ultra optics are your options.

Ultra crystal promisses is 25% thicker than the average screen protectors with no rainbow effect and high durability. Ultra fine thin, scratch resistant and easy to install, ultra olephobic offer extra protection against oiled surfaces.
the spigen screen protectors will cost you $14 only, you can find them here.

Your third option could be the screen protectors by “Bodygaurdz“. They are offering pre-orders to their iphone 5 inventory and will start shipping at the end of September. They are offering 5 different types of screen protectors, even the matte ones. The screen protectors start from $16 end go on to $40.

iPhone 5 cases and Body armors

Lets move on to ultimate protection. Although Apple suggests that iphone 5 won’t require any exteranl protection – but its still a good thing to provide all the protection ou can. I’ve always liked “rugged” cases, and if you do too then you can bet on otterbox to deliver.
Otterbox provides premium protection with full body (except the screen) protection. the case is made of high grade plastic that acts like a “Shell” which protects the phone from lint, dust and small stones that usually gather up and damages the phone.

There are manydevices and colors to chose from, and you can pre-order these cases from their website, starting $50 a piece. You can visit their website for more details.
Hard candy is another manufacturer that offers Apple specific protection, they announced new cases for iphone 5 ahead of Apple event. The cases are available for iphone 5, 4s and 4. The rugged case features silicon built, extreme protection, soft corners and secure grip.

The case is available in blac-grey or red-black combination and the protection will cost $40 for the iPhone 5. If it caught your eyes then you can place an order here.
Seidio ACTIVE kickstand case is another option, they have many designs and types of cases listed on their website for iphone 5. The ACTIVE is 2.2 mm thick and gives good amount of pretection and absorbs shocks. The cases are available in 6 colors grey, white, green, red, blue and purple.

The cases are priced at $30 each and pre-orders have started. For those who have ordered can expect the cases to ship by 17th September. You can check out more options on their website.

there is usually no shortage of iPhone accessories, but finding the right case and protector can sometimes prove to be a harder task. The accessories we have listed are well reputed and will last a long time.