iPhone 5 Price and availability

By | September 14th, 2012

iPhone 5 is due to Ship september 21st and preorders will begin today, currently the Apple website “Store” is displaying a message “We’ll be back” assuming they are updating their inventory – they will be back shortly. iPhone 5 did not manage to create as much of a stir as one would have thought, but those who are wishing to upgrade to the iPhone 5 here are the details you will need to know.

iPhone 5 is set to be priced $199 on a 2 year contract for the 16 GB version – but thats what we all know – its tradition to release 16 gig one for 199, but the main thing we are after is the unlocked version. Apple thankfuly; revealed the unlocked phone prices themselves on their Store. The UK prices for the iphone 5 will start from 529 £, meanwhile the german and french SIM free variants will get a starting price tag of 679 €.
Since most of the Phones in Germany and france end up being used in whole europe – it is a good chance rest of the counties will get them as germany and france do. News about Asia is unknown, but considering that Apple has a huge market in Asia – they won’t leave it behind.
The prices are a little steep, when iPhone 4s launched it was for 500 £ (sim-free) and the price hike is clearly evidant, however, prices of 4s have already been slashed in europe and other parts of the world – which is now being sold at 449 £ a peice. Apple claims that it will sell around 10 million devices in the first month of launch, i guess we will have to wait and see if iPhone 5 follows the footsteps of it’s predecessors.