iPhone 5, iPad mini Release Date and Expected Specs

By | July 31st, 2012

Last week we brought you the news about the speculations of iPad mini, now it seems that speculations are picking up the heat, latest news suggests that there are going to be two new devices announced at the next Apple event, let’s hope that the devices launched meets the user expectations.

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 leaked iPhone 5, iPad mini Release Date and Expected Specs

The news, most of the readers love to read is about any new iDevice, among which their favorite is the iPhone. iPhone 5 is rumored to launch on 12th September 2012 along with the iPad mini, the new iPod nano and the iPod touch 5th generation. Earlier this week we also brought leaked screenshots of the alleged iPhone which suggests major changes in design and features.

Expected Changes:

Let spice things up shall we, the alleged iPhone is rumored to have following set of changes/features along with their likelihood:

  • iPhone 5 will be running iOS 6 – Definitely
  • Advance Camera – Expected
  • 4” Display – Expected
  • Smaller Dock i.e. down from 30 pin connector to 19 pin – Confirmed
  • Relocated 3.5 mm Jack – Confirmed
  • 4G LTE – Expected
  • Quad Core processor: Samsung Exynos 4 – Rumored

The changes sure seem tempting and we hope that they are true because these are the ingredients to a successful smartphone, along with the release of the new iPhone 5; iPad mini is rumored as well.

Expected Release: 21st September, 9 days after launch.

iPad mini

ipad mini 1 iPhone 5, iPad mini Release Date and Expected Specs

iPad mini is also rumored to launch on the event taking place on 12th September, it has been long awaited by the budget range of device lovers. The iPad mini is rumored to be the scaled down version from 9.7” to 7” device. From what we know along with the smaller screen the iPad mini will also lack retina display.

Price: The speculated price of the iPad mini is around $250-300 (basic version)

Expected Release: Along with the new iPhone 5

iPod Touch

The new iPod touch would be a bigger and more powerful device then the current when, boasting a 1 GB RAM and full HD screen it is set to launch with the iPhone 5. We believe from the “casual gamer” perspective it is going to be the device to look for in the release.

Price: The price will vary from $200-300

Depending upon the size of memory

Along with these three top mentionable devices, variants of iPod nano will also be released. It is a major release and we expect big changes from the Apple Inc., and they have to, to keep up with the ever growing competition in the market.

Source: iMore