iPhone 4G Detailed Specs

By | April 20th, 2010

Tech blog Gizmodo had a chance to get hold of the real prototype of iPhone 4G that is destined to release this JuneĀ  at WWDC. After posting the images, videos and hardware specs of Apple’s new iPhone, Gizmodo received more than 3.5 million page views, 7.5k diggs, 41k Facebook shares and about 30k retweets in a single day; this shows the intensity of the matter. Consider this a new marketing strategy by Apple or an honest mistake of losing one of their prototype, the world has seen the real deal before its release.


The new iPhone, as expected, has a front camera for video chat along with the back camera. Instead of volume buttons in a single assembly, it now has two separate metallic volume buttons. Unlike previous models, the new iPhone will use Micro SIM instead of standard SIM. Earlier there was a rumor that Apple may decrease the screen size of iPhone 4G, well, Gizmodo confirms that the screen size of this leaked iphone is slightly smaller than its predecessor. It’s also confirmed that the phone has greater screen resolution than iPhone 3GS but the exact figures are not quoted. The overall design is rectangular and weighs about 3 grams more than previous iPhone.


Compared to 4.51 WHr battery of iPhone 3GS, this one has a 5.25 WHr battery giving up to 16% increase in battery time. The rest of the features couldn’t be extracted as people at Gizmodo couldn’t get the phone in running state. They claim that Apple has remotely shut the phone down and they couldn’t pass the welcome screen. However the guy who found this misplaced phone in the first place reported it running iPhone OS 4.0.

Get the feel of the new iPhone by seeing this short video, to see more videos visit Gizmodo.



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