iOS4 Update will not Solve the Antenna Problem

By | July 7th, 2010

According to sources, AppleCare has confirmed that the upcoming software update won’t solve the bad reception problem. This confirms that the problem actually exist in the hardware design and not the software that uses that hardware. Apple will certainly solve this problem in the next iPhone device calling it iPhone 4G, iPhone 4GS or may be iPhone 5, but one thing is for sure; current iPhone 4 will have the signal strength issue with it even after updating the software.


A possible solution for those who experience weak signals is to avoid touching the phone’s dead spot, on the left bottom corner. Another solution is tho purchase a $30 bumper that will keep your hand touching the metal sidebar of the device. Personally I prefer the second solution, as most of the iPhone users use some kind of case or protection, so why not use Apple’s own bumper.


Interestingly, Apple claimed that the problem is with Displaying the Signals, not the actual signals and that the upcoming software update will not fix this antenna problem, only change the way the phone displays the available signal, making it more accurate. But this claims seems superficial as we have reports coming in from users who experienced not just the drop of signal strength on the display, but actual call drops. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait for iOS 4.0.1.

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