Intel Opens App store for Netbook

By | January 8th, 2010

We all know that next generation gadgets are phone, tablets, e-readers and netbooks. Intel takes a big jump and opens the first app store for Intel based netbooks. This will surely increase netbook market because previously these not-so-efficient netbooks had to install softwares designed for PC and laptops. Now with the app store, a netbook can be as functional as iphone. Developers can make various apps for the low-powered and low-spec netbooks and make it more useful and faster.

intel app store Intel Opens App store for Netbook

I believe this was a necessary step by Intel, as the netbooks are many times slower than laptop and require special applications that consume less resources than a laptop but certainly more resources than a smartphone. This brings us to another fact the hot trend of this decade will be Apps development for your hand-held-devices.