Intel Jumps from 50nm to 34nm SSDs

By | July 21st, 2009

Intel had its Mainstream SATA Solid-State Drives back in September 2008 that uses 50nm NAND memory cell. Recently Intel has made addition to the series by announcing the 34nm version of the SSDs. Currently the 34nm SSDs are available in 80 GB and 160 GB sizes.

 Intel Jumps from 50nm to 34nm SSDs

The new 34nm technology in SSD is totally worth it, as it will greatly reduce the price. The 80 GB is expected to be $225 and the 160 GB to be $440. There ain’t much difference in other technical specs except some in Latency Time. Let’s compare the technical specs of Intel’s 50nm and 34nm Mainstream SSDs.

X25-M/X18-M SATA SSDs [50nm]

X25-M/X18-M SATA SSDs [34nm]

Available Capacity: 80/160 GB Available Capacity: 80/160 GB
Max Bandwidth (MB/s): Read=250 Write=70 Max Bandwidth (MB/s): Read=250 Write=70
Latency (us): Read=85 Write=115 Latency (us): Read=65 Write=85
Power Consumption (mW): Active=150 Idle=60 Power Consumption (mW): Active=150 Idle=75
Price : 80 GB=$320 160 GB=$630 Price : 80 GB=$225* 160 GB=$595*

* The price tag is if you order 1000 units 😛 So we can expect a little higher to the end user. However this is introductory price. An year ago when Intel released the Mainstream SSDs the introductory price of 80 GB [50nm] was $595 which has reduced to $320, that of 160 GB [50nm] was $945 which has reduced to $630. So we can expect a further drop in prices of 34nm SSDs after a few months.

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