Increase disk partition size

By | December 28th, 2008

Nowadays every now and then you need to increase or decrease the size of a partition of hard disk to keep your favorite data (Movies, TV-Series, Lectures, Songs etc) in one place. Moreover with window Vista now, you have to increase the size of C Drive after installing a few programs. There are many solutions available in the market that allow you to increase the partition’s size without formatting or even restarting the computer. The one I like the most is Acronis Disk Director Suite.

acronis disk director suite Increase disk partition size

It provides you with easy three step process:

  1. Select the partition whose size you want to increase
  2. Select the partition from which you want to take the required free space
  3. Select how much free space you need from the second for the first drive

Here is the tutorial:

On the main window, click on the ‘Increase Free Space‘ on the sidebar.

acronis disk director suite 1 Increase disk partition size

Select the drive whose size you want to increase, I have selected Drive G, in which I keep all my Movies collection

acronis disk director suite 2 Increase disk partition size

Select those partitions (you can select one or more) from whom you want to take the free space.

acronis disk director suite 3 Increase disk partition size

Patient, my friend, is a virtue 😀 (thanks to

acronis disk director suite 4 Increase disk partition size

This is the most interesting step. It shows you the minimum size (the original size of the first drive) and the maximum size (original size plus the free space from all the source drives). Of course you don’t want to select the maximum size (it will eat up all the empty space from those drives.) I suggest to select one source and one destination drive and give some of the free space of the source drive to destination drive. Like I increased the space of my Movies drive from 86GB to 90GB, taking 4GB from E Drive

acronis disk director suite 5 Increase disk partition size

Before you click finish, it shows you statistics

acronis disk director suite 6 Increase disk partition size

When you click finish it will return to the first window without any processing. Acronis will keep your operation pending so that you may want to increase the size of some other partition. When you’re done click on the FLAG icon on the main window to execute the processing.

It can’t be more simple!