Improve touchscreen feedback/response from Nexus 4: Guide

By | December 6th, 2012

Nexus 4 had a very successful start, such a start that it was completely sold out from US Google store within an hour. The supply is still running short and staggeringly the phone is still in quite high demands. Every new phone has some issues though, iPhone 5 for instance faced issue(s) with it’s built quality and many people received their iPhones dented and scratched. Other issues included Wi-Fi issues and call connectivity issues along with blur screen’s in some cases. Nexus 4 is facing similar sort of start, with it’s initial batches sold out, people are having trouble in quite a few areas. Call connectivity and purple haze in the camera (like the iPhone 5) are the ones faced by most but the biggest issue is of the screen being unresponsive at times. Thankfully however, it can be fixed with a script; follow this guide to get your Nexus 4’s screen back at it’s full potential again.

HardwareInsight takes no responsibility for any bricked/broken devices, try this procedure at your own risk.

Before you start with the procedure, you must root your phone and install the custom recovery. If your phone isn’t rooted, follow this guide and then continue from step 1.

Nexus 4


requirement 1 is pretty clear, you need to have a rooted device. Next thing up is the touchscreen driver, which can be found at the end of the post. You will also need to install busybox, rooting guide will cover it.

Step 1: Put the downloaded touchscreen driver at the root of your Nexus 4.

Step 2: Restart your phone and put it in recovery mode.

Step 3: Select choose zip from sd card and select the .zip touchscreen driver you put in the memory of the phone.

Step 4: Select install.

Step 5: Boot into phone.

Once you boot in, the phone will perform considerably better and touchscreen response will improve overall. If you think that the driver did more harm than good then you can download the original touchscreen driver from the link below. Enjoy your ‘fixed’ Nexus 4.

Download: Touchscreen Driver

Download: Original Touchscreen Driver

Source: XDA-Developers