IE 10, Chrome 23 and Firefox 17 browser benchmark test

By | November 21st, 2012

What is the most important thing while you are browsing the internet? Your DSL connection? Your computer? Off course they matter, but not as much as using the right browser. Browsers play a very important part, this is because each browser behaves differently, they provide different plugins, they might load and respond to pages at different speeds and the might behave to plugins differently as well. With the three most popular browsers recently updated, i.e. Internet explorer to IE10, Google Chrome to 23 and Firefox to version 17, we shall take a look if any browser has gained or lost points by taking them through a series of benchmark tests.


The first test we have lined up is the Javascript test, using the sunspider 0.9.1 benchmarking tool from the developers of WebKit, the scores are assigned depending upon the time they take to load the script. Naturally the browser with the least score wins. Let’s put them to the test shall we:

IE 10 wins the round, it seems that Microsoft pulled in a lot of effort in polishing the IE10, staggeringly, my favourite browser i.e. chrome came in last with 249.4 ms, where is the world going to.


HTML 5 has more than 500 new functions, it is hard to judge how good a browser support’s the new format, and the best way is to put them through HTML 5 test which is available online. The points are granted on the basis of adaptability, i.e. how many HTML 5 functions can a browser understand. The higher the score, the better:

Google chrome regains a few points here, and leads the HTML 5 support with a score of 448, firefox second at 392 and IE10 with measly 320 points.

Page Load Times

Now the most crucial part, the page load times. We are going to use a web tool named ‘Pingdom tools’ to test ho much time it would take the browser to fully load the webpage. Naturally, we are going to load our own webpage i.e. Hardwareinsight and two of the most popular pages as well i.e. Facebook and youtube, lets see how it goes:

So, very conclusive results then, Chrome at an average responds better and loads pages more efficiently than IE 10 and Firefox, but just marginally. Chrome has been the easiest of the browsers to use, with its simple interface and the Chrome app store doing well, they have all going their way. But I hate to admit that chrome browser does get hung up sometimes, JavaScript test are pretty evident and Google has to work around it. IE 10 on the other hand has improved massively and could be the next great browser, but there are a few rough edges that needs to be refined before it can take over the throne.

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