How to turn off scheduled scan of AVG

By | August 22nd, 2009

AVG’s scheduled scan can be very irritating at times because it starts daily by default without any notification. It makes your system very slow and many people can’t figure out what’s going on. If the scan is uncompleted and you shutdown the computer, it restarts whenever you reboot your system. Here is a simple guide how to stop that:

Open AVG, go to Tool -> Advance Settings:

avg tools advance How to turn off scheduled scan of AVG

Notice that most noob won’t recognize that what’s making their system slow. Some other antivirus also do scheduled scan without notifying the user. So if you experience a great decline in your system performance, one of the reason is that there may be some service running automatically, so that’s the first thing to check. Coming back to AVG. In advance settings, go to Schedules -> Scheduled Scan and uncheck Enable this task.

avd scheduled scan How to turn off scheduled scan of AVG